Hello there, I am KiAN from sunny Malaysia!

Music has been a part of my life since my childhood. The thrill of playing a note on my cousin’s keyboard motivated me to pick up the Electone. Few months later, while heading to my group class, I passed a particular room. Beautiful music flowed through the doors and captured my attention. It was a voice unlike anything I had ever heard; it was the voice of the violin. Thus, I took up the violin as well. After that, learning the piano was a natural step for me.

Performing music is a great experience; to embrace that wonderful harmony and to tell that special story. I always keep those in mind when I compose.

My compositions are inspired by video game soundtracks, film soundtracks, Chinese and Japanese folk songs, Celtic music, classical, electronic music and much more.  Each pieces tell their own story, and I endeavor to bring them to life.